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Feather Wall Decal Sheet by Love Mae Made and Designed in Australia

Love Mae Fabric Wall Decals - Floating Feathers

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Our beautifully whimsical fabric wall stickers feature hand-drawn designs that will instantly freshen up any bedroom wall – perfect for the time-savvy stylist! They can be easily removed and re-used, so you can play with your layout until it’s fit for a photo shoot, then take them with you when you move house without risk of leaving a mark.

Add a soft touch of floating feathers to your walls.

The pattern on these gorgeous feathers are divine. Flowing delicately as they all fall towards the ground, only to be lifted up by the breeze again.  No doubt you too will love these pretty feathers, placed anywhere in your home that needs a little lift of colour, and a whimsical touch.

Love Mae fabric decals are:
  • Reusable and Removable | Landlord Friendly!
  • Suitable to Use on Any Smooth Surface
  • Designed and Made in Australia
  • Non Toxic - Using a Water-Based Adhesive

Product Sizing:

  • Individual feathers vary in length from 15 - 22cm (6 - 8.5"). 
Our beautifully whimsical hand drawn illustrations will personalise any space and can be arranged however you wish! Easily remove and re-use. All our designs are non-toxic & backed with a water-based adhesive.
Love Mae's delightful FABRIC wall stickers are lovingly designed with the finer details in mind. Our gorgeous decals can be applied to any smooth surface. They are re-usable and removable which means you can move them around as much as you like. Great for getting the layout of them just perfect…. or putting them back up easily when little fingers have reached them and moved them around.It also makes them perfect for rental homes needing a little something special without the landlord getting upset. We do however feel that they don’t stick on new paints that contain Teflon, so please keep that in mind.

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